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About Trevor Herback

Trevor Herback

Herback Tile and Mosaics is an enterprise founded by Trevor Herback. Trevor is a highly skilled artisan and tradesperson with great pride in his work and attention to detail. Much of his professional life has been spent in the construction industry, both as a self-employed business owner of Herback Mosaics and as the primary tile setter for highly regarded commercial and residential construction companies.

As an accomplished mosaic artist, Trevor’s pieces have been highlighted in the media including a 210 foot music themed mural installed at Archbishop M. C. O’Neill High School in Regina, Sask. and a portrait of the late coach, Richard Harris, of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, donated to the team and taken by the team to the Grey Cup in B.C. to serve as inspiration.

Trevor is a family man that enjoys spending time with his wife and children and volunteering his time to minor league sports. He was born and raised in Saskatchewan. He spent ten years living and working in Manitoba before relocating to Georgetown, Ontario, where he currently resides.