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Tiled Bath

Tiling Services

Tiles installed by a qualified professional can accentuate and elevate any space with their unique shapes, sizes and patterns; giving any room a durable and attractive wall or floor covering.

Offering complete tile-setting services including floors, backsplashes, showers and tub surrounds, as well as custom shower installation and complete bathroom renovation, Herback Tile and Mosaics places the utmost importance on client satisfaction.

Trevor Herback has a long history working on residential and commercial renovations and prides himself on his honesty and dependability. Herback Tile promises to take the time and care, including paying special attention to cleanliness and a clutter free experience, in order to provide the highest quality results.

Please call or e-mail to discuss your tiling needs and what Herback Tile and Mosaics can do for you.


Mosaic Art

Mosaic is the art of arranging small pieces of coloured glass, ceramic, stone or other materials to create a decorative design or image. Mosaic is a historically significant art form dating as far back as the 3rd Millennium B.C. yet there are few skilled artisans around today.

Trevor Herback, of Herback Tile and Mosaics, is one of those skilled artisans. Trevor has been producing mosaic artwork for both public and private venues since the late 90’s.

All of Trevor's projects are original, handmade artwork, either as home decor pieces such as mirrors, frames, portraits and landscapes or permanent installations such as murals and floor or wall inlays. Mosaics have resiliency as the materials are durable, ensuring lasting enjoyment.

Please call or e-mail Herback Tile and Mosaics to discuss your custom project or to purchase available artwork.